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A Message from the Registrar...
Dear Folks,

Following are some of the many letters I receive each week and answers to questions that you many have. Iíd love to hear from you.

Dianne Butler

Head Registrar

American Purebred Registry

Dianne and Meg.

Dianne and "Meg".

Meg and her Brothers.

Meg and her brothers.

To Whom it May Concern: Could you please send me some information on how to go about registering purebred Pomeranians with your kennel? A friend told me that they had registered a Pomeranian with you. I was just curious of your charges to register a dog. I might be interested in registering several Pomeranian dogs, if possible. Sherri Clark, Clarkson, Kentucky

Dear Sherri, The registration fee for an individual dog registration is $10. Applications are on the way. Write if you have questions. American Purebred Registry is a pedigree record keeping agency that issues certificates of registration with our company. We are no longer a kennel and have never been a club. We felt that raising or showing dogs would be a conflict of interest with the goals of American Purebred Registry to serve the public, and some people might deem it self serving.

GREETINGS; Please send me a handfull of litter registration application blanks as well as single registration application blanks, as I have several purebred, good quality dogs I hope to have registered and bred before long. I also have some fellow dog owners with purebred dogs of quality who have lost or been denied registration papers due to failing to meet expiration deadline with other registries. I have had luck with your registry in the past, and the record keeping and paperwork on each individual sure does make it easier to keep up with whatís going on and who went where. Thank you very much for this alternative. Vaughn Rulo, Lick Creek Kennel Fox, Arkansas

APR Image Map
Dear Vaughn, Thanks for all the compliments, our only job is to help you. We werenít sure how many a handfull is, so we sent you six applications in todayís mail, if you need more, let us know. Our applications never expire, or have deadlines, you can even photocopy our applications if you need to. If we can help you in any way, just write. (Note to those of you who might have old blank applications on hand: Our registration fee changed to $10 in January of 1995.)

Dear Sirs, I saw your ad and have several questions to ask. I also want more information. I have a rottie female, & I got her from a friend who had neighbors who abandoned her when they moved out of state. Since she couldn't keep her, she called me, I have a nice place with two acres. I am talking with the former owner's neighbor... They had told her the dog was AKC registered and her name was "Maragna". I'm not sure of the spelling of her name or who her parent's were, all I know is she eight years old, but this is all I know of her history. I call her "Maggie", she is very sweet and well behaved and spoiled rotten. I guess I am trying to make up for her past unhappiness with her former owners. If I can get her papers, I'd like to breed her. I've been told she's had two beautiful litters of puppies in the past. I also have a chihuahua who tries to make woopie with her. He is AKC registered, and I have his papers. I got an idea of what the puppies would look like if he did get her pregnant, and figured they might look something like a minature pinscher or at least I hoped they would, or in other words a miniature rottweiler. It would be nice to start a new breed, I'd probably call them Rotthuahuas. Anyway it's an idea I was thinking about. If you can offer any help as to how I can get my rotties papers, I'd appreciate it. Sincerely & Respectfully, C. Reese, Massachusettes

Dear Ms. Reese, I know that you are anxious to solve Maggie's registration problem, but your letter raises some serious issues. Please do not allow your chihuahua to breed with the rottweiler! In spite of the size difference, where there is a will, there is a way. This will not make miniature pinschers, only more mixed breed puppies to add to the growing number. Miniature Pinschers were developed over years and years, they did not just pop up in someone's backyard. Most new breeds are not new breeds at all, but a working dog in a specific region of the world that has been bred for generations as a helpmate to man, and just recently noticed by the modern world. It is our suggestion that you remain true to your wish for Maggie's continued happiness and have her spayed. We are sending you an application for Maggie, so keep trying to find more info on her background. We will NOT register any pups from her and any other breed of dog except a registered rottweiler.

APR; I am eventually going to have all my cats (about 60) double registered and some triple registered (TICA, CFA & APR) before I am finished!! I am slowly sending these into you to have all my breeders APR. Thanks for your time. Patty Bridges, Pollock, Texas

Dear Patty; Wow, judging from the photocopies of registration certificates you sent in, you must have some neat cats! How about writing an article for a future SPOTLIGHT section about on the rare breeds you raise?

APR; I am very much interested in the information you are offering on registering my unregistered Springer Spaniel. By all rights he should be (registered) though no fault of my own. (Another registry) claims they never received my paperwork. It was too late by the time I was told to redo it and pay another (fee) to some one for nothing but another run around. You bet Iím mad. Hope you can help. He deserves to be included in his family tree. There is no value in breeding puppies without papers. I can be reached here 24 hours a day. Leslie Moffitt, Paradise, California

Dear Leslie; An application is on the way to register your Springer Spaniel. Donít forget to send us a photocopy of any paperwork you might have from another agency to help us trace his pedigree. This should solve your registration problem.

APR; Please send me information on registering full-blooded, unregistered dogs. I wasnít able to register my Yorkshire Terrier because I waited a month too long and they wouldnít do it. Jane Hensley, Diamond, Ohio

Dear Jane, Most of the letters we receive are practically carbon copies of yours. I wonder how often this happens? APR was created years ago to recognize purebreds whose registration was lost or canceled due to unfortunate circumstances and return to them the respect that they deserve. Your application is in the mail, and thank you for writing.

Wow, What service - (I) got papers (back) one week from the day I sent them. Mae Hillson, San Antonio, Texas

Dear Mae; We try hard to get your registration papers back to you as quick as we can. However, sometimes we get swamped with registration applications so allow 30 days to receive your paperwork from us.

Dawni Brat - Fawn Chihuahua

To whom it may concern: I have a purebred Rottweiler that I would like to have registered. The lady I purchased her from has recently moved here from Germany. I saw the ad for puppies and she said that this was unexpected at this time. She has the parents to my puppy and gave me copies of their registration papers so I could register Brandy if I wanted to. This was her females first litter and was unsure how to go about registering the pups. Please send info and registration form so that I can register Brandy. Thank you. Patricia Denes, Sanford, Florida

Ruffles Underwood

Dear Patricia, Judging from the info in your letter, I guess the sire and dam have German registration papers. We will be glad to register Brandy, just fill out the form and send a copy of the German papers.

American Purebred Registry: I am writing to find out if I may cross register two Himalayans which are now registered with CFA with your American Purebred Registry. I have other cats registered with you and I purchased two new ones and I would like them to be registered the same as my other pets. Rebecca Fitzsimmons, Williston, Tennessee

Dear Rebecca, Yes, you can double register your Himalayans with us. Applications are in the mail. How prestigious to have your darling Himalayans double registered! More and more people are doing this.

Dear Sirs, Please send me info and an application for registration. I have 2 Peke-a-poo males, 1 Husky male and 1 female Shar-Pei, all of which are purebred animals, but unfortunately previous owners didnít care enough to have the papers prepared for the dogs. I am unsure if papers can be prepared for any of the above, but I sure want to try. Thank you. Mrs. T. Hostetler, Glade Mt. Kennel, Rural Retreat, Virginia

Chamois - Cream Persian

Dear Mrs. Hostetler, I am sending you applications for the Husky and the Shar-Pei. I am sorry but we are unable to register the Peke-a-poos as they are a cross between Pekingese and a Poodle and we do not register cross-breeds.

Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to have information regarding the registration of purebred cats. Please send to me as soon as possible by air mail. Linda L. Galloway, The University of Hong Kong, Department of Anatomy

Dear Sir, In my issue of DOG FANCY you advertised free information/application on registration papers for unregistered purebred, full-blooded dogs. I am a Malaysian, I would like to know how could I get a copy of this free info/application. Dan Swa Hau, Johor, Malaysia

I have an AKC registered male collie, but the female is not registered. She was out of a litter from a registered male and a purebred female. I have kept two of the pups and am very interested in this information. Linda E. Spears New Waterford, Ohio

Dear Linda, I am sending you a form to register your female Collie and an application to register the litter. Complete both and return with a copy of the maleís AKC papers & we will register the litter.

Princeton's Mid Winter Nights Dream

Dear Sirs: Please send me an application and free information that you have concerning double registering my AKC Siberian Huskys. Send to: Kim Gilbertson, Cole Creek Siberians, Reynolds, North Dakota

General Information:
1. Applications are furnished free of charge. Write if you need additional applications or feel free to photocopy as many as you wish.
2. The registration fee for a single registration or litter registration is $10 (ten dollars), U.S. funds only. For faster service, please send a money order, as we will allow time for your check to clear the bank before we return your registration certificate.
3. Please staple any photocopies of additional paperwork, pedigrees or registration certificates to the application. Do not send us the original certificate, we can not be responsible for itís safe return. Any photos you send us will not be returned.
4. American Purebred Registry has no affiliation with any other registration agency, kennel club, registry or association.
5. The only information we will have in our files is what you send in with your application. All files are kept strictly confidential.
6. As signified on the application, the information on each animal registered with us is the sole responsibility of the individual signing it. Any misrepresentation on any application is cause for cancellation.
7. American Purebred Registry recognizes registration by other agencies, and a photocopy will be required when registering offspring born to any animal registered by another registry.
8. Registration of sire and dam must be complete before a litter can be registered. Upon acceptance of the application a separate preprinted temporary form for each pup or kitten will be provided for the buyers.
9. Transfer information is printed on the back of each certificate. If this section has already been completed, write for additional transfer forms.
10. American Purebred Registry is a record keeping agency only and has provided itís own registration certificates and pedigree services since 1979. We do not sponsor dog or cat shows of any kind. We will designate championships, titles or awards on registration certificates only when proper documentation is submitted to our office. We have registered thousands of dogs and cats all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and overseas.
11. Once an animal has been registered and a certificate issued, the name of the animal can not be changed for any reason.
12. American Purebred Registry will register new breeds of dogs or cats. Certificates for these registrations will be clearly marked "EXPERIMENTAL BREED, FOR RECORD KEEPING PURPOSES ONLY" for five generations.
13. American Purebred Registry reserves the right to cancel any registration certificate issued for any reason.
14. All paperwork submitted to our office becomes the property of American Purebred Registry.
15. American Purebred Registry reserves the right to change any and all rules, regulations, fees, etc., without notice anytime it so desires.
If you have a question or would just like to write us, weíd love to hear from you. Do you have an interesting story to tell about your pet, a poem, or a picture of your pet you would like to submit for publication? Send it to us at P.O Box 111, League City, Texas 77574 or fax it to 1-281-482-0031. (Do not fax photographs.) We will publish as space permits. American Purebred Registry publishes SPECIAL EDITION as an information brochure for persons interested in knowing more about us, and has no regular publication schedule. However we will provide you a copy if your submission is printed. You may call us 24 hours a day at 1-281-482-1515 if you have questions or need help filling out your application for registration.


Flash the German Shepherd and Bo the English Bull Dog

"Flash" the German Shepherd and "BO" the English Bull Dog Sent in By: Robert Disheroon, Rainsville, Alabama

This is "Flash" The German Shepherd and "Bo" The English Bulldog. They both worked in our dog act, an educational act for schools, etc. Also, Flash's son and grandson worked in the act. From the early 50's to the middle 70's, worked the dogs in movies in California. Also had some of our dogs in Carrol O'Conner's "In The Heat of The Night." Shot near Atlanta, where we had our dog training and boarding kennels for 40 years. My dad, Ray Disheroon worked with the dogs all his life, and I have just now retired. We raised German Shepards, Pomeranians and wolves, as well as McCaws, and many other animals. We now have a pet cow, that is a big baby. Will give you a kiss on command, she's 1 year old, weighs over 600 lbs.

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